Latest News Items:

2024 PetcoLove Grant -- Tuesday April 9th, 2024

Thank you @PetcoLove for supporting our lifesaving work! Your $2,000 recent investment will help A Doggie 4 You to continue helping pets in need like, Stitch, from our community.

Giving Tuesday -- Tuesday November 28th, 2023


To A Doggie 4 You Donors,                                                                                  

Tuesday, NOVEMBER 28th is GIVING TUESDAY. This is a day we give thanks to each of YOU who contributed to our dog rescue’s success this year, in previous years, and hopefully in years to come.  Giving Tuesday is important to nonprofits, but especially to animal shelters and rescues tirelessly working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 12 months each year.  The work is hard, even gut-wrenching at times, but it is so rewarding when a dog and its new owner find one another and the dog’s adopted!   With the exception of 4 to 5 paid kennel techs, A DOGGIE 4 YOU, unlike many nonprofits offering BIG staff salaries, is run by volunteers.  We are funded totally by public donations from animal lovers like you.  Our rescue DOES NOT receive funds from any governmental agency like the municipal and county shelters do. 100% of all donations goes to providing the rescued dogs with the care and creature comforts they deserve. Donate via PAYPAL: DONATE via VENMO: (with the last four digits 0465)                                                           END OF THE YEAR GOAL:  $25,000 for operational fees to help cover ever-rising vet costs such as spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and medications for every dog admitted to the rescue.  Operational expenses also include kennel tech salaries, insurance, transportation and transport costs, dog food, cleaning and office supplies, facility repairs as well as utilities.                    

Thank You to the Puppy Food Bank -- Thursday October 19th, 2023


PUPPY FOOD BANK RAISES OVER $200K TO SUPPORT PET RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS ACROSS TEXAS Money raised will benefit pet rescues in San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and Dallas-Fort Worth SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS - OCT. 16, 2023 - Puppy Food Bank, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing essential food supplies to struggling pet rescue organizations, announced their fundraising efforts secured $202,814 from supporters statewide. In support of initiative, prominent injury attorney and philanthropist Thomas J. Henry made a personal contribution of $80,000. Throughout the month of September, Puppy Food Bank traveled across the state raising awareness of their mission and the lack of necessary resources impacting pet rescue organizations. A special check presentation took place on Monday, October 16th . With the recent success of this campaign, Puppy Food Bank has announced a partnership with A Doggie for You, Charming Pet Rescue, Roxxy’s K9 Rescue, and Bulverde Humane Society in the San Antonio area. More announcements are expected for the other areas Puppy Food Bank serves. “We are humbled by the love for pets and financial support we have received from the community just in the last nine months,” said Danielle Gunter, Executive Director of Puppy Food Bank. “Pet rescue organizations are in critical need to meet the demands of supporting an influx of dogs and cats in their care. Through our pledge month initiative, our goal was to alleviate some of these challenges by ensuring no animal goes hungry.” “The lack of financial resources and food should never impede pet rescue organizations from providing the proper nutritional care and support of homeless animals in their care,” said Thomas J. Henry. “I am honored to take part in this initiative and help Puppy Food Bank make a difference for pet rescue organizations across Texas.” To learn more about Puppy Food Bank and their partners, please visit ### ABOUT PUPPY FOOD BANK Founded in 2022, Puppy Food Bank is a registered 501(c) nonprofit dedicated to providing much needed food supplies to pet rescue organizations in San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Corpus Christi and Austin, Texas. Puppy Food Bank works with distributors to ship pet food directly to shelters, organizations committed to being “no kill.” For more information visit

Thank You for Help with Air Conditioning Repair -- Sunday August 13th, 2023

The sheltered dogs at A Doggie 4 You are extremely thankful to a private donor and a grant from the Animal No Kill Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation to replace Dog Building #1’s air conditioner unit which failed during the 2023 Heat Dome.  Two Brothers A/C recently provided a seamless change out of the former a/c unit which came with a complete 5 year maintenance program.  Our nonprofit truly appreciates the community support provided to our organization during a time of dire need for the homeless dogs seeking their forever homes. 


2022 A Doggie 4 You Annual Report -- Monday May 1st, 2023

Message from the President:

2022 was a busy and challenging year.  I am sorry this report is late but I want to thank you all for the support we received throughout the year.  We took in 319 animals and placed 296 while returning 8 to their families.  Our capital campaign is almost complete and we have increased the number of Board members, volunteers and fosters.  We could not have achieved all of this without our community of supporters.

None of this comes without significant challenges.  Everyone is dealing with the impact of inflation and coming out of the pandemic.  This past year was another challenging year in the world of rescue. All of Texas has been in code red, which means we can't keep up with the number of dogs being bred abandoned or surrendered.   Many families and their pets are displaced .  We are seeing record numbers of animals on the streets as well as in municipal facilities that are being euthanized for space.  Frankly we can no longer rescue our way out of the situation in Texas without everyone's support.

All the Texas rescues are experiencing rescue fatigue.  We are struggling to find solutions to save at risk dogs while managing overcrowded kennels. Our expenses continue to skyrocket due to inflation which we can't control.  Our veterinarians have increased the price of the medication and services they provide by about 50% to cover their losses.  We struggle to find reliable employees. The dogs we rescue off the streets are coming in with injuries and illnesses that haven't been treated. Our local veterinarians no longer are doing many of our routine surgeries (which cost $400 to $750)  due to staffing issues.  We now have to take a large number of our injured dogs specialty clinics (ranging from $1500 to $7500 a procedure).

We are still committed to our mission but we need help in convincing elected officials to enforce spay/neuter initiatives, require breeding permits on litters, restrict the sale of unpermitted litters, enforce leash laws and establish criteria for numbers of owned dogs. These laws need to be enforced for everyone's safety.

We also need volunteers at the facilities, fosters to keep surrendered animals safe until adoptions and  fundraisers/donors to keep our rescues solvent.

We will continue to take on these challenges with your ongoing support. Again thank you for being there  for us.



Patricia Godkin

Founder and President



Our number one priority is to rescue and place dogs throughout central Texas. As mentioned above we have taken in 319 dogs; placed 296 in loving homes and 8 were returned to their owners. In 2022 there was a significant difference in the source of these animals.  In the past we received the majority of animals from municipal shelters.  However since these shelters are in Code Red and inflation is hurting so many, we are seeing a disturbing trend. Animals are being abandoned in record numbers. This year the majority of our animals are strays from off the streets or owner surrenders. A large number of these animals were needing emergency surgery or medical treatment


Our next priority has been the completion of our 3 year capital campaign. We started with the purchase of two schoolroom buildings and are excited to  say we are at the end of remodeling.  Our buildings have 24 indoor kennels with attached 10 x 20 outdoor runs.  We have a place for medical treatment, a grooming station and an office. Both buildings are connected by a huge covered play yard with artificial turf .  We also have a separate puppy building and another building for laundry. Building 2 still has a bit to do. We have been the victim of the same issues others are having; outrageous cost increases for material, finding construction workers and in some cases sourcing supplies


Serving the Community

Throughout this very busy year we have also done all we can to be a service to the community

Adoption Events - though we do most adoptions at our facility we held off site adoption events

Bark by the park adoption event in April in San Antonio where we joined our rescue counterparts

Market days at Bandera Brewery in September where we were lucky to have the Student Council from Bandera High School volunteer with us.

Rescue United Adoption Events in May and October where we joined multiple other rescue groups at the Alzafar Shrine Auditorium

Annual Boerne HEB Christmas Adoption Event the first two weeks in December where 36 dogs were adopted.                                                             



Vaccination Clinics -  We held the first of multiple free shot clinics for dogs and cats in September.

Therapy dog support in Uvalde: After the shooting in Uvalde A Doggie 4 You was asked to bring dogs to Uvalde for emotional support . We invited Warriors Heart to join us with their service dogs. The families we met were dealing with overwhelming tragedy with grace, dignity and bravery.  We met a wide variety of people from many walks of life coming together from all over the US and Texas.  This this was one two trips we made to support the Uvaldi community by allowing them to love on our dogs

Service Dogs  - During the year we have developed a closer relationship with Warriors Heart here in Bandera.  They have taken some of our dogs into their program.   In return we hired some of their graduates in sober living as kennel techs. Through this partnership we were able to provide 2 veterans with service dogs trained at our facility. As an added benefit our graduates were able to successfully fulfill their program and return to their families.


Our boy blue was just one of six dogs that graduated from K9 service dogs training at Warriors Heart

Other - During the summer the rescue community lost a member of its own leaving 159 cats desperately needing placement A Doggie 4 You was asked by God's Dogs to bring the Bissell foundation and the Humane Society of Tulsa to San Antonio to help with the situation.  A Doggie 4 You worked with multiple other rescue groups and volunteer veterinary staff long hours over several days to place the healthy animals on a transport to the Humane Society of Tulsa.

Almost immediately after that event we had another critical situation come up.  There was a fire at Whartons Dock and we were asked to help. We took in 14 Chihuahua mixes that all needed to be fully vetted. While we were there we were asked to take 10 large puppies that also needed help. Once again we contacted Kathy Bissell and the Bissell Foundation came to the rescue with the Tulsa Humane Society.  We t ransported all the animals to Tulsa and a new life.


Throughout the year we also managed the Rescue Food Bank supported by Greater Good.  This involves coordinating the receipt, storage and distribution of tractor trailer loads of free food to multiple rescue groups in the greater San Antonio area

As Thanksgiving drew near we hosted a dinner of over twenty other rescues in an effort to thank those who we help and who help us.  This is a group of heroes who work tirelessly to help the huge numbers of animals in need throughout Central Texas                                                 


The Community Support We Receive

We also want to let you know how much the community (central Texas and rescue community as a whole) has done for us. 

A Doggie 4 You received a 2018 Transit Van from God’s Dogs allowing us to transport animals in a safe and comfortable vehicle.            


This year’s Big Give brought in the highest amount of donations we have ever received for this fundraiser. 

 We were nominated by over 20 individuals in the community to take part in the online internet event Jordan’s Way which took place over three hours on December 1st.  We netted $18,000 in that timeframe and we couldn’t have done it with all your support.

One of our longtime board members completed his commitment with us and we welcomed three new members. We thank Chad Stewart for his time with us.  Join us in welcoming Katie Oaster as Treasurer; Hugh Long and Terry Friedrich as board members

We received a wonderful donation of concrete steps for all 24 kennels. This is such an improvement over the original wood steps

We received several large and small grants including $25,000 from the San Antonio Area Foundation; $3,000 from 2022 Petco Love Grant; $6,200 from the Community Foundation of the Hill Country all to help with operating expenses: a Kia Pet Adoption Grant for 2022 of $3,000 to defer some of the cost of adoptions, $5,000 from the Greehey Foundation  for veterinary services and $5,000 at the very end of 2021 used for preventatives such as heartworm prevention in 2022 .Stewart Title employees, Helotes Lions Club and other family Foundations provided additional grants.  The Bend Sports Bar held the 90s party to benefit A Doggie 4 You. Al’s Hideaway of Pipe Creek conducted a chili cook off to benefit our animals.

As wonderful as our supporters have been we've had all the issues of inflation and increased expenses as well our cost of a spay/ neuter have increased 50%.  Although we still have an excellent rate all of our costs have gone up substantially.  Our Tax return is available on our website.

We have established our kennel staff as employees and it has been difficult to retain help for this intense work.  We are proud of our efforts to employ individuals who may come have some challenges of their own but who love the animals. We will do all we can to help a treatable animal but that is another sizable expense as well.  We were thrown one more hurdle by “Meta” i.e. Facebook when they instituted changes that prevented us from receiving facebook donations for more than a month. Resolving that was a huge challenge.


That is our year in review!  We are pleased to retain our gold seal from GuideStar and to receive the top rated award for the 2022 Great Nonprofits.  It is one more recognition of the hard work everyone associated with A Doggie 4 You.



Thank you and we look forward to 2023 becoming another successful year !!




National Nonprofit Petco Love Invests in A Doggie 4 You To Save and Improve the Lives of Pets in Bandera County -- Wednesday April 12th, 2023

National Nonprofit Petco Love Invests in A Doggie 4 You To
Save and Improve the Lives of Pets in Bandera County

Bandera, TX (April 12, 2023) – A Doggie 4 You is set to receive a $3,000 grant investment from national nonprofit Petco Love in support of their lifesaving work for animals in Bandera County.

Petco Love is a national nonprofit leading change for pets by harnessing the power of love to make communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier. Since its founding in 1999, Petco Love has invested $350 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. And Petco Love helps find loving homes for pets in partnership with Petco and more than 4,000 organizations — like ours — across North America, with 6.7 million pets adopted and counting.

“Our investment in A Doggie 4 You is part of more than $15M in investments recently announced by Petco Love to power local organizations across the country as part of our commitment to create a future in which no pet is unnecessarily euthanized,” said Susanne Kogut, president of Petco Love. “Our local investments are only part of our strategy to empower animal lovers to drive lifesaving change right alongside us. We recently launched Petco Love Lost , a national lost and found database that uses pet image technology to simplify the search for lost pets.”

“As all area rescues and shelters are currently full to over-flowing, Petco Love’s lifesaving grant will help to feed and keep our dogs healthy and adoption ready,” said Patricia Godkin, A Doggie 4 You Executive Director.

A Doggie 4 You is a nonprofit organization serving Bandera County and surrounding areas, rescuing homeless small to medium size dogs, ensuring they are fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and finding them forever homes. Since 2016, A Doggie 4 You has found adoption homes for approximately 3,000 homeless dogs.

For more information about A Doggie 4 You, please visit or A Doggie 4 You | Pipe Creek TX | Facebook . To learn more about Petco Love visit: .

About A Doggie 4 You

The mission of A Doggie 4 You is to promote spay/neuter of pets, rescue dogs from kill facilities or unsafe environments, and rehabilitate and rehome the dogs to loving homes. Located on a beautiful ranch in the Texas Hill Country, we are a totally volunteer run organization committed to annually placing hundreds of dogs in their best forever homes.

About Petco Love

Petco Love is a life-changing nonprofit organization that makes communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier. Since our founding in 1999 as the Petco Foundation, we’ve empowered animal welfare organizations by investing $350 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. We’ve helped find loving homes for more than 6.7 million pets in partnership with Petco and organizations nationwide.

Our love for pets drives us to lead with innovation, creating tools animal lovers need to reunite lost pets, and lead with passion, inspiring and mobilizing communities and our more than 4,000 animal welfare partners to drive lifesaving change alongside us.  Join us. Visit or follow on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn to be part of the lifesaving work we lead every day.


San Antonio Area Foundation -- Tuesday December 13th, 2022

A DOGGIE 4 YOU is proud to announce a 25K 2022 Responsive Grant award from the SAN ANTONIO AREA FOUNDATION to assist with the ever-rising daily operation costs at our rescue.   With the assistance of the SAAF award, we are able to meet our 2022 expenses.  Although we are mainly an all-volunteer run nonprofit, the cost of a large rescue which can house, feed, and meet all the needs for up to 150 dogs each day is a very expensive task.  We truly appreciate the assistance and trust the San Antonio Area Foundation has provided A DOGGIE 4 YOU to assist numerous homeless dogs seeking their forever families.


KIA ADOPTION GRANT -- Thursday May 19th, 2022

DOGGIE 4 YOU is grateful to announce a $3,000 KIA ADOPTION GRANT award presented by the Petfinder Foundation . The KIA ADOPTION GRANT allows A DOGGIE 4 YOU to reduce the adoption fee for some of our adoptable dogs, like perhaps Chong, to increase the number of dogs seeking their forever homes. The more dogs we can place in good homes will in turn open space at our rescue to assist other dogs. Thank you again to both the PETFINDER FOUNDATION and KIA for sponsoring this worthy cause!

Petco Love Grant -- Thursday April 28th, 2022

A DOGGIE 4 YOU is honored to recently receive a $3,000 lifesaving investment from Petco Love Our rescued dog, Lil Abner, was rescued from a hoarding situation. From his before photo you see he was neglected and living in filth. After coming to A Doggie 4 You, he was vetted, had a dental, a hernia repaired, as well as a mass removed. The vet bill for Lil Abner was $1,400, but our mission is to help animals regardless of the expense. Once this little guy received a clean bill of health, he then found his forever home (see photos). Thanks to the Petco Love grant award, together, we’re partnering to save more pet lives! http://#PetcoLovePartner

Another Simple Way to Help -- Monday February 21st, 2022

A Doggie 4 You has recently signed up with the Round Up App which allows our supporters to donate in a simple and easy wayThe  RoundUp App was founded in 2018 with a simple mission: to be effortlessly good! Our team is made up of professionals from all types of industries including software development, startups, nonprofits, and education, but we all share two common goals: helping nonprofits raise more money and helping donors support the causes they’re passionate about!

Click here to learn more about Round Up

Betty White Birthday Celebration -- Monday January 17th, 2022

January 17th, 2022 fans of Betty White are honoring her memory and incredible love and support of animals by donating to local rescues. You can participate by clicking on our donate button here on our website or on our Facebook page.
A Doggie 4 You is a local no-kill rescue located in Pipe Creek, Texas.
A Doggie 4 You routinely rescues and shelters between 110 and 150 dogs. Once a dog is rescued, they are fully vetted and offered for adoption. If the adoptive parents are unable to keep the dog for any reason, it can be returned to the rescue for safe keeping.
A Doggie 4 You is located on almost 100 acres. It is a volunteer run 501c Non Profit. Our only paid employees are the kennel techs responsible for keeping the animals clean and safe. Donations are used to vet and care for the animals and make improvements to their quality of life.
A Doggie 4 You can be researched at GuideStar. Our EIN Number is 26-2578483

Thank you to The Greehey Family Foundation -- Thursday November 18th, 2021

A DOGGIE 4 YOU is proud to announce receipt of a recent grant award from THE GREEHEY FAMILY FOUNDATION. While primarily dedicated to improving the lives of San Antonio area families and individuals, the foundation supports a variety of other causes including animal welfare.
A DOGGIE 4 YOU is grateful to receive a grant to assist with our Project Prevention Program. Our program tests and medicates for heartworm disease and provides Bravecto prevention medication. Bravecto not only prevents/protects against fleas and ticks, but is showing signs of preventing CHAGAS DISEASE in early testing. Chagas is found in a large percentage of Texas dogs, and has been deemed the new silent canine killer of the 21st century. Thank you to The Greehey Family Foundation for supporting our very worthwhile efforts!

Thank you to the San Antonio Area Foundation -- Thursday September 30th, 2021

A DOGGIE 4 YOU is proud and happy to announce the recent receipt of a $25,000 Operations Grant from the SAN ANTONIO AREA FOUNDATION!  The money is dedicated to helping fund critically-needed items in order to assist rescued, homeless dogs find their forever families.  The COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe financial strains for public nonprofits, like ours, which rely totally on public funds and donations to stay in business.  

A DOGGIE 4 YOU appreciates the trust and support the SAN ANTONIO AREA FOUNDATION has given in recognizing the value our nonprofit provides. This grant award ensures each rescued dog can get the proper care and love it deserves.  Thank you SAAF!

Thankful to Perry &a Ruby Stevens Charitable Foundation -- Friday April 23rd, 2021

10TH Life Surgical Center dba A DOGGIE 4 YOU is extremely grateful and proud to announce receipt of a capital campaign project grant from the Perry & Ruby Stevens Charitable Foundation of Kerrville, TX.  The $69,000 grant, entitled Homes for the Homeless, will be used to build-out Building #2 at the dog rescue into 12 dog kennels and a staff office.  The indoor kennels will have easy access to the dogs’ outdoor kennels which are already in place.  
The ultimate goal of this multi-year capital campaign is to move the rescued dogs from outdoor kennels where they were subject to the harsh Texas weather and into buildings which protect them from the spring rains, the summer heat, as well as the fall and winter cold.  When the Dog Compound is complete, A Doggie 4 You will expand its capacity from 150 to 200 dogs which helps reduce the number of stray dogs euthanized each year due to lack of shelter space.

Pawsitively Elated to Announce a $4,500 Grant Award from @PetcoLove -- Tuesday April 20th, 2021

The 10TH Life Surgical Center dba A DOGGIE 4 YOU is pawsitively elated to announce a $4,500 grant award from  @ PetcoLove to assist our rescue in saving more dog’s lives while preparing them for their forever families. Thank you Petco   Love for recognizing A DOGGIE 4 YOU and the hard work our volunteers do with your recent grant award! 

Please remember, when you donate at  your  local  @ Petco store, you r donations help  rescues like ours  give  dogs in need a better quality of life!   # PetcoLovePartner 



Disaster Relief Grant from PEDIGREE -- Thursday April 1st, 2021


A DOGGIE 4 YOU Receives a $3,500 Disaster Relief Grant from PEDIGREE FOUNDATION Resulting From the February Historic Texas Weather Event


PIPE CREEK, TX April 1, 2021 — A DOGGIE 4 YOU, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue is proud to announce a recent $3,500 Disaster Relief Grant from the PEDIGREE Foundation for replacing vital pet medications, additional staffing, and assistance with utility bills caused by the historic February polar vortex weather event. A DOGGIE 4 YOU is extremely grateful to Deb Fair, Executive Director of the PEDIGREE Foundation, and her hard-working foundation staff for awarding the grant to help dogs be safe, cared for, well fed, and loved while waiting for their forever homes.

According to A DOGGIE 4 YOU Executive Director, Patricia Godkin, “The grant funds are being used to replace vital pet medications destroyed during the power outages, for around-the-clock staff during the historic polar vortex to ensure the rescued dogs’ health and welfare needs were met, and to assist in paying utility bills.”  Ms. Godkin reported in addition to the 142 homeless dogs already at the rescue, A DOGGIE 4 YOU also provided indoor space for another 35 dogs from a local dog rescue with outdoor kennels.  Then, just prior to the polar vortex’s arrival another unexpected 7 dogs arrived from the Texas Valley via an emergency transport van.  The additional dogs meant 172 homeless dogs were sheltered at the Pipe Creek rescue for the duration of the extreme low temperatures, rolling and power outages while all efforts were being made to prevent the water and rescued dogs from freezing.

In late 2018, A DOGGIE 4 YOU purchased two modular buildings to transform their former outdoor kennels for 150 dogs into indoor/outdoor kennels with expanded space for up to 200 dogs.  The capital campaign continues even though the COVID pandemic tripled the price of construction materials and slowed public donations due to unemployment.  To make a donation to the rescue or for more information about A DOGGIE 4 YOU, visit: or

About PEDIGREE Foundation

We believe every dog deserves a loving, forever home. PEDIGREE Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to help end pet homelessness. Nearly 3.5 million dogs end up in shelters and rescues every year, and nearly half never find a home. The foundation was established in 2008 by Mars Petcare, maker of PEDIGREE® food for dogs, to help increase dog adoption rates. We’ve awarded more than 5,750 grants and $9 million to U.S. shelters and rescues that help dogs in need. At PEDIGREE Foundation, we’re working toward a day when all dogs are safe, secure, cared for, fed well and loved. See how you can help:


WHO TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS?? -- Wednesday March 10th, 2021


As the weathermen warned about the historic low temperatures approaching the beautiful Texas Hill Country, A Doggie 4 You prepared for the snow and cold….or so we thought!  Next, A Doggie 4 You housed 35 additional dogs at our indoor, heated shelter buildings for another dog rescue with only outdoor kennels.  Then, an additional 7 dogs arrived from the Valley on an emergency transport just before the storm hit.  Last, little did we know the Texas electric grid was soon doomed to almost complete failure! 

US newscasters reported the historic results of the long power outages, followed by rolling power outages which resulted in plumbing issues.  Water pipes burst, damages to property ensued, deaths due to hyperthermia, and no water service for millions of Texans and their pets continued for weeks on end!  Texas homes and buildings are not constructed to withstand the extended historic low temperatures. 

A Doggie 4 You is incredibly thankful the PETFINDER FOUNDATION came to our aid when recently awarding our rescue a $2,000 Disaster Emergency Grant to replace the stockpile of dog food and puppy pads lost due to water damage.  The PETFINDER FOUNDATION grant also provided funds to assist with the utility bill during the historic low temperatures. All of the dogs were safe under the watchful eye of round-the-clock rescue staff ensuring all dogs were fed, water bowls were not frozen, had clean kennels, and were getting exercise during the extreme weather event. Thank you again to Petfinder Foundation for assisting in our time of need!

Peterson Foundation Grant -- Tuesday October 20th, 2020

We are excited to share some great news with our rescue friends.  The HAL and CHARLIE PETERSON FOUNDATION recently awarded our rescue a $30,000 grant to assist with the portable buildings for our rescued dogs!  With their generous 30K grant we are able to finish the Puppy Building and the Main Dog Rescue Building #1.  When finished, we will host an Open House for the public.  

We are tremendously grateful to their Board Members for helping make our dreams come true!  We wish to thank Brian Oehler, the Hall and Charlie Peterson Foundation's General Manager for taking time to visit our rescue.  We enjoyed meeting and showing him how far the rescue has come since purchasing the buildings in late 2018.

2020 ORVIS ANIMAL CARE GRANT -- Sunday September 27th, 2020

A DOGGIE 4 YOU proudly announces receipt of the 2020 ORVIS ANIMAL CARE GRANT of $1,000! This award purchases a number of items to keep our rescued dogs happy by supplying them with mental and physical enrichment while waiting for their forever homes. Our Enrichment Program has 3 parts: Agility, Music, and Toys.

AGILITY: Agility gets rid of a dog’s excess energy while being a confidence-booster for shy dogs. Running through a course that involves passing over and through a variety of obstacles challenges a dog’s mind and body. Involving our rescued dogs in agility will strengthen their muscles, improve coordination, and keep them fit.

MUSIC: Pamela Fisher, DVM, is a holistic vet and founder of the Rescue Animal Mp3 Project, a nonprofit organization that distributes free music-loaded Mp3 players to animal shelters across the US.  She uses music specifically composed to promote relaxation in the animals and their human companions.  Dogs show signs of reduced anxiety and anxiety-related behaviors such as barking, scratching, pacing and whining when listening to the music. Aggressive animals have mellowed, traumatized dogs seem less fearful, and storm-phobic dogs are noticeably calmer. Shelter workers have even noticed the animals’ physical improvements in the form of increased appetites and speeded recoveries from injuries and illness.

TOYS:  Who doesn’t like to play?  Stuffed toy animals, pull toys, toys to fetch, and even a bubble making machine for the dogs to chase and pop bubbles are coming to A Doggie 4 You.  There are a few comforting, snuggle-worthy dog dolls with a heartbeat sound to calm dogs experiencing separation anxiety. 10th Life Surgical Center dba A DOGGIE $ YOU wishes to gratefully than the PETFINDER FOUNDATION as well as ORVIS for making this grant possible for our rescued dogs! Happy dogs, happy staff, happy lives abound thanks to Petfinder Foundation. @petfinder foundation.

GREATER GOOD and WAHL (pet products)!! -- Tuesday September 8th, 2020

Thank you GREATER GOOD and WAHL (pet products)!! As part of ongoing efforts to improve adoption rates through grooming and positive photography assisted Wahl, pet products division, to award 100 in-kind grants of grooming supplies to US shelters and rescues.  A DOGGIE 4 YOU was awarded one of product grants consisting of multiple dog brushes and several dog towels to transform our rescued dogs into adoptable beauties.  THANK YOU GREATER GOOD & WAHL!

BISSELL PET FOUNDATION and our Rat Terriers -- Thursday September 3rd, 2020

A Doggie 4 You is very thankful to the BISSELL PET FOUNDATION and CATHY BISSELL for awarding our rescue with a generous $2,500 emergency grant award to assist with the medical needs for the 25 rat terriers recently rescued from the hoarding situation near San Antonio. The money will go a long way to assist getting these sweet dogs ready for their forever homes. When the call for action was sent, the BISSELL PET FOUNDATION and CATHY BISSELL did not hesitate to offer assistance. A Doggie 4 You is very grateful they saw the need and filled the void. Thank you


After a week of bad news we finally have some GREAT news to share.  On St. Patrick's Day we began the SWEET MOLLY MALONE CHALLENGE GRANT to raise $10,000 in public donations in 90 days.  If so, a very generous, anonymous donor would match up to $10,000 funded through the Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country.  


T hanks to everyone who donated we received the additional 10K during these hard times when money is scarce!  Our followers are AMAZING and surprised the donor with how quickly we were able to meet the challenge ahead of the mid-June deadline.  A Doggie 4 You is extremely grateful to the donor as well as the donations from each and everyone of you who contributed to the challenge via Facebook, Paypal, Venmo, checks, and cash.  

In memory of the donor's dog, Molly Malone, we are able to continue our lifesaving efforts at the rescue.  Molly is in Heaven, but she remains in our rescue's hearts forever.  Thank you Sweet Molly Malone for your generosity!  We love you!

San Antonio Area Foundation -- Friday June 5th, 2020

A Doggie 4 You  is extremely grateful in May to receive a $10,000   2020  Animal Services Annual Responsive Operating Expense Grant with funds from  The Aid to Helpless Animals Trust  of the  San Antonio Area Foundation .  This is the first grant our rescue has received from the Foundation. We are very thankful for the assistance the funds provide to assist A Doggie 4 You to rescue and rehabilitate more homeless dogs in our community.  Learn more about the Foundation at .

Petsmart Adoption Grant -- Tuesday December 10th, 2019

With a $19,725 adoption grant , the organization will provide care for homeless dogs in need of wellness services and a forever home with funds supporting construction of the electrical grid which will provide power for the rescue’s modular buildings while providing power to the new bathing station and appliances.     A dog grooming tub and commercial washer and dryer will be purchased with the grant funds—items crucial to     help thousands of homeless San Antonio area dogs receive a proper grooming to put their ‘best paw forward’ at future adoption events

“A Doggie 4 You has saved the lives of countless dogs and continues to be an invaluable resource for the San Antonio pet community,” said Heidi Fulcher, associate relationship manager at PetSmart Charities. “With increased capacity for care, it’s our hope many more dogs get the opportunity to go to loving homes, especially for the holidays.”

Pedigree Foundation Transportation Grant -- Friday December 6th, 2019

Placing animals in loving homes is our top priority.  From time to time one of our fur-babies is simply not chosen, regardless of how many adoption events he/she attends.  In the meantime folks in other parts of the country are begging for loving pups.  We are thrilled that the  Pedigree Foundation  recognizes the need for transporting these babies and has giving us a $1000 grant to help pay our transport fees.