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The founder of A Doggie 4 You, Pat Godkin, has been rescuing animals since she was a child.  Her father, Patrick Godkin, would bring orphaned animals to the ranch.  The family ranch now serves as a legacy to the parents that taught her the value of animal life.  For years Pat was active in the rescue community, helping cats and horses.  In 2007,  Pat rescued a little blue-eyed, boxer pup on the side of the road on a cold, wet evening.  She couldn't find a shelter to take the little guy, so she decided to keep him over night.  By morning they were in love.  Pat  also realized how difficult it was to find fosters or homes for abandoned animals and she decided to do something about it.  In 2007 a decision was made to form a long term goal of founding a rescue that would be housed on the family ranch, which would be "left to the dogs.“  A core group of loyal volunteers were enlisted to make A Doggie 4 You a reality.  The founding volunteers all have years of experience rescuing animals.  As a result, over a thousand dogs have been placed in forever homes since this team came together. 

That little blue eyed boxer that started the ball rolling became the mascot.  His name was Pablo.  He was trained to be a therapy dog and spent his early life in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  He also visited hospitals, helping people learn about the need for spaying/neutering their animals and supporting rescues.  Unfortunately in late October of 2012, Pablo was diagnosed with Chagas disease.  This is an under reported disease that experts believe has the potential to be the next Aids.  It impacts dogs and humans.  Pablo had to be euthanized on 12/24/2012. 

In 2012 A Doggie 4 You became a dba of the not for profit 10th Life Surgical Center.  Hundreds of animals have been rescued from kill shelters and individuals and placed into loving homes.  In 2013 another dba  -the Hill Country Daisy Fund - was established under 10th Life Surgical with the intention of providing financial assistance to individuals and rescue groups for extrordinary medical expenses for dogs in their care

In 2014 the Bandera Dog Fund a third dba, was established specifically to raise funds to provide spay/neuter and immunizations for dogs in the city or county shelters in Bandera, Texas, thus making these animals more adoptable.  At the end of 2016, this fund was discontinued since another not for profit was established dedicated to those same animals.  A Doggie 4 You still strongly supports all efforts to assist in the placement of animals from Bandera shelters.

Late in 2018 A Doggie 4 You acquired 2 large school room buildings which was the beginning of fulfilling our dream of a beautiful rescue facility in the Texas Hill Country.  A capital campaign continues and we acquired 5 acres of property as our permanent home.

In 2020 our organization officially changed our name to A Doggie 4 You and we are no longer a dba of 10th Life Surgical Center.

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