Foster Application

I understand and agree that:

 1. Any foster dog(s) cared for by the foster are the property of A Doggie 4 You.

 2. A Doggie 4 You will provide veterinary care for the dog(s) at the veterinary clinic contracted by the rescue. Any expenses incurred by the foster at a non-approved clinic will NOT be reimbursed.

 3. If the dog is in need of veterinary attention, shows any signs of illness, or is lost or injured, I will contact A Doggie 4 You immediately.

 4. I will provide food and fresh water on a daily basis.

 5. If I am unable, or no longer want, to care for the dog(s) I agree to contact A Doggie 4 You. A Doggie 4 You agree to remove the dog(s) from the premises at my request, as soon as possible. I understand that this could take up to 48 hours. I agree to drop Animal off at the designated location approved by A Doggie 4 You.

 6. I hereby agree that as the Foster I will keep dog (s) indoors except for play time, potty time, and walks. The dog (s) must be on a leash when out of the house at all times. In the event that the dog(s) gets loose, I will contact A Doggie 4 You immediately.

 7. A representative from the Rescue may call or email regularly to see how the dog(s) is doing and may arrange to visit.

 8. A Doggie 4 You may remove the dog(s) at any time.

 9. I will not allow the dog(s) to be removed from the premises or give the dog(s) to any third party without prior approval from A Doggie 4 You.

10. Adoption of the dog (s) into a permanent home will be in accordance with A Doggie 4 You policies. I understand that I may refer anyone interested in adopting Animals to A Doggie 4 You.

11. I will make the dog available during at least 3 adoption events per month.

12. I will make the dog (s) available to A Doggie 4 You for all required vaccinations.

13. I will work with A Doggie 4 You to get the dog to the Vet office as required for illness, spay/neuter, vaccination, or injury.

14. I am agreeable to utilize a kennel for confinement and/or training purposes.

15. I agree to provide 4 pictures and a short biography of the dog (s) that I am fostering to  A Doggie 4 You within 1 week of having the dog(s) in my home.

WAIVER - I understand that there is always a slight risk that the foster animal could harbor a contagious illness. My animals are currently vaccinated and should they or a family member happen to become ill, (allergies, etc.) as a result of my foster dog, I hereby expressly agree that I (we) will not hold A Doggie 4 You financially or otherwise legally responsible. Although I also acknowledge that I also understand that while A Doggie 4 You takes every precaution to not place aggressive dogs in foster homes, that there is the risk that a rescue dog could inflict a bite or scratch to myself or family members. I understand that if I witness any aggressive or other dangerous behavior from my foster pet (or from any members of my own family or pets toward the foster pet) that I will immediately notify A Doggie 4 You to have the pet removed from the home. I agree that I will not hold A Doggie 4 You financially or otherwise legally responsible for any injuries that might occur from fostering a dog. I release A Doggie 4 You from any and all liability of damage, injury, illness to my family, pets, property or myself while I am volunteering as a foster parent.  * 

If you do borrow a crate, we need it returned to us as soon as possible. When your foster is adopted, the crate must be returned in the condition in which it was borrowed. There will be $100 charge for replacement if crate is not returned or has been significantly damaged.* 

Submission of this form constitutes your agreement to the conditions listed above.